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Site Update

Dear Reader,

I am pretty pleased with myself. I have been mucking about with my website in the hopes of better presenting current and historical photographic explorations. Here are the major changes.
~ I now have both a resume and an Artist’s Statement page
~ There is now a new home page that has been tested on apple, android, and microsoft devices. Each image is a link to a different page. I actually did a little bit of coding to get the text to float over the image – yeah me.
~ For those who link directly to the blog the link has changed to “”

These changes were in part spurred on by the responses I received at this year’s “Exposure Review”. Last year my question was on direction, and I presented a technically proficient set of 20 images on my laptop. There was nothing really holding the photos together. This year I arrived with a set of 14 images, all from what I am call the “Roadside Attractions” project. 9 images were from “The Thin Line” series and 5 were from the series that is now (the title is new this month) called “On The Verge”. This year I wanted to know if the work was conceptually coherent enough, and appealing enough for a show. The responses were gratifying. Most of the reviewers I spoke with said yes. There are though some next steps. Those next steps are figure out the words for “Roadside Attractions” (check), make decisions on presentation (in progress), figure out a marketing strategy (oh shit), and then act on it. I was also encouraged to apply to “The Fence“, which I did. As the ever so supportive Dona Schwartz told me, even if nothing comes from your application, going through the application process alone is a good thing to do.

Besides the structural changes, the following photos have been added yesterday and today:
~ In Love this Land there are some photos from a visit to the zoo from earlier this year
~ The Mural Project has two updates (last 2), one is from last night
~ Roadside Attractions has 4 new updates to the Thin Line Series, along with another 4 updates to the new companion collection of “Contenders and Tangents”

Cheers, Sean

Maybe a Return

Dear Reader,

I have been busy on multiple photographic tracks. Until a longer post comes along, here is a photo from this past weekend that I particularly like. I found a new road. This image is better bigger.

Cheers, Sean

Driving Home

Dear Reader,

Well, isn’t it funny how some photos are planned and some are more about chance favouring the prepared mind.  Friday evening there was a brief flash of interesting colour in the sky.  By the time I had found a safe spot to stop the truck, the flash had gone. In another direction there was a hill I had photographed before (2017).  That capture was graphically interesting, technically fine and emotionally blah.  I have included it as a point of reference.  The black and white capture from Friday, has more character.  What do you think?

Cheers, Sean


Better This Time

Dear Reader,

I revisited a location this morning, because I bungled the previous visit and the light was off.  The light wasn’t right either when I first drove by.  1 hour later there was a window in the morning cloud  that provided the contrast I was hoping for.  Here is the result.

Cheers, Sean


On Reconnaisance

Dear Reader,

We have had some great light the past couple of days.  But, I have been either working or making mistakes.  I do have one from last weekend which I will revisit when the light is a little better.  You may have to refresh your browser to get the correct user experience.

Cheers, Sean


Happy New Year

Dear Reader,

May 2019 meet all your needs, half your wants, and be filled with many smiles.

Saturday, I was on a dawn scouting expedition.  Maybe the morning would be one of those legendary prairie sunrises.  It wasn’t, but I do love our skies, even when snow leopards don’t appear.

Cheers, Sean

More Roadside Attractions

Thursday night was let’s photograph murals in the Calgary Beltline as per the map from BUMP (Beltline Urban Murals Project)  Keith (, as always, was an enjoyable accomplice (he also  had the map and the car).

This post comes in 3 parts
~ The Photos
~ A short babble about cropping
~ A list of murals.  If you know of other murals, please let me know and I will add to the list.

The Photos
They’re numbered left to right top to bottom.  Being a clever reader, you will say to yourself, why the science fiction film still?  The answer is we stumbled upon it. Actually, we drove there but did not know in advance  we were also scouting for a movie.

Short Babble
To crop or not to crop is the question.  As part of my normal post-processing workflow I may straighten or crop a photo.  Except for the recent modelling work, where I have been changing the aspect ratio from 3×2 to square, I usually keep the aspect ratio to the original 3 x 2 ratio.  The above photos break with that behaviour.  I like the results of changing the aspect ratio to 16 x 9.  I also like the way these photos have structural connections to some of my other work within the Roadside Attraction umbrella.

Cheers, Sean

Artist and Mural List
Listing is alphabetical by artist and formatted as follows: Last Name, First Name / Collective; Artist’s base; Location of mural; Year mural was painted; Artist’s website; number of photograph in grid above or comment. We didn’t quite get to all the locations.  In other cases I have a photo that I didn’t like.

Dear Artists, Thank you!

Dan Teke, Kalum (Colouring it Forward); -; 1232 17th Avenue SW – West Wall; 2018;; (by KFC – To be Revisited)

Faith47; Cape Town, South Africa, 735 12th Ave SW Corner of 12th and 7th ave ; 2018; ; (Fortes et Liber – To be Revisited)

Fluke (ASHOP); Montreal, QC; -; planned for 2019;; (-)

Green, Katie; Calgary, AB; Vistek – 10th Avenue & 12th Street – South Side; 2018;; (7)

Jill Stanton, Jill; Edmonton, AB; 1126 17th Ave SW  – East Wall; 2018;; (Boots – To be Revisited);

Kevin Ledo, Kevin; Montreal, QC; 340 10 Ave SW – West Wall of Parkade; 2018;; (To be Revisited)

Lemermeyer, Tyler; Calgary, AB; 735 12th Ave SW; 2018;; (Not yet Photographed)

Naperialski ; Mateusz ;Calgary, AB & London, UK; The Camera Store – 802, 11 Avenue SW , South Wall;  2017;; (1)

Nasarimba (Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada); Calgary, AB; 1022 17th Avenue SW; 2018;; (8)

Nehlawi, Natalie; Kanata, ON; Vistek – 10th Avenue and 12 Street – West Side; 2018;; (6)

Pichon, Ilana; Quebec City, QC; The Bike Shop – 1103 7 Street SW – East Wall; 2018; -;(4)

Farrell, Rhys & Arsenault, Shane; Calgary, AB; Saneal Camera – 1402 11 Avenue SW – West side; 2018; -; (Geometry – To be Revisited)

Sorenson , Curtis Van Charles; Calgary, AB; Saneal Cameras – 1410, 11 Avenue SW – West wall; 2017;; (To be Revisited)

Suche, Cassie; Calgary, AB; 1518, 7 St. SW; 2017;; (Not Yet Photographed)

Wolf, Nicole; Calgary, AB; Vistek – Corner of 10th Ave. and 12th St. SW- North Side; 2018; -;(5)

Zhu, Adam; Calgary, AB; Commonwealth Bar & Stage – 731, 10 Avenue SW; 2017 ;;  (2 & 3)

-;-;In the alley facing South entrance of Rose and Crown on 4th St. Near 17th Ave.; -;-; (To be Revisited)

A Mannequin, A Friend, and A Model

Dear Reader, (2018-12-22)

Sometime in November, I think it was a post from Dan Jurak, I was reminded of the idea of practising photography.  Practice is about learning the tools and techniques of the craft so that when the opportunity for expression arrives, there is the potential for art.  In recent months I have sat on a chair looking out the front window learning some of the more unfamiliar settings on my optically enabled computer.  This past week my practice was much more ambitious.  On Wednesday, with the helpful assistance of Keith, for which I was ever so grateful, and  a mannequin, Steve, of my own making, I spent 4 hours in a rented studio space going through a self-assigned series of lighting exercises.  On Friday I worked with a model for three hours.  Elora Dawn, who I found through Model Mayhem, was a professional, kind, and patient model.  She was a real pleasure to work with.  I was pleased with my practice.

Depending on the web site referenced, there are 4 classic set-ups, Rembrandt, loop, butterfly, and split.  Broad and short lighting can be applied to the last three.  I tried using them on the first and it didn’t work.  In today’s and upcoming posts I will share with you with some of my practice.

Photo 1 – Establishing Shot

In Rembrandt lighting there is supposed to be a triangle of light under the eye on the shadow side.  In Steve you can see that the triangle is poorly formed.  The results were much better with Elora.

As always, I invite and look forward to your comments.

Cheers, Sean


A Rare 5

Dear  Reader,

I have yet to share this photo from early November. On the Sean scale this is a five. It is a photo I have returned to off and on over the past month or so.  I am so very pleased with it.  Whether you are indifferent , love, or hate it, I would love to know.  PS It looks better large.

Cheers, Sean