So I Had A Problem

Dear Reader,

This is an update to the orignial post of Oct. 5.  Thank you for the feedback KC.  The before shot has been added.

I have been doing a little bit of exploring recently in between trying to finish off the summer outdoor projects.  If you are a regular visitor, you know I take pleasure in detail.  There is though a problem.  Sometimes the detail I am interested in gets lost in background noise.  So I recently took a series of photos with the idea of removing the noise.  The first photo is as shot with no LIghtroom adjustments except sizing.  The second shot is my first shareable attempt at getting rid of the distracting elements. As always, comments are welcome and sought.



Cheers, Sean


One thought on “So I Had A Problem

  1. Keith

    I think I need a before and after to see something to comment on. So, for example, if you removed a giant puffin that was perched on top of what looks like a cast iron thingie beside the cricket club, congratulations. You’ve succeeded. If your task was to remove the pink cloudy haze, then there is further work to be done.


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